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Victoria Mautuit Damalix
Jan 09, 2022
In Wellness Forum
Following an examination of lumps due to lymphadenopathy, the oncologist assumed I had lymphoma. So I have decided to start an alternative anti-cancer treatment, the Geron and Kelley cure. But it is expensive and requires time ... So I have an idea: why not ask for crowdfunding to allow me to take care of myself naturally and in return, to offer feedback to those who help me by créatine a blog? I have taken care of myself naturally since I was little, my mother is an autodidact in terms of care (with five children treated with natural remédier) a library of books on many different methods to take care of your body naturally. We have acquired a few alternative care devices that we use regularly. So, in exchange for your funding, I want to create a blog where I share my experiences with you on lymphoma care on a daily basis, informing you on what I buy, what I do with it, my daily program, the websites where I order the treatments as well as the prices, my feelings, opinions, the observed effects, to give you a complete and detailed feedback, perhaps helping those who are in the same situation as me. I would also add information on how I treated my scabies, what I do (and what my sister does) during our painful periods, and all without antibiotics. Also, I will present the different care devices in my possession, their price, how to use them and my opinions on them. And also, my lactose-free and gluten-free diet with recipes, my permaculture garden and m'y thoughts on health and the earth. And all this available in French and English. In short, I will create a blog providing feedback, on treatment, lifestyle, and my readings on health and alternative health. Who is with me ?
Victoria Mautuit Damalix
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